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Dundee Beach placed in TOP TEN beaches in Australia

Here are just a few reasons that we believe Dundee Beach has deserved its spot in the TOP TEN.

Our very own Dundee Beach was recently named as one of Australia's TOP TEN beaches and to the residents of this incredibly unique location this comes as no surprise. Here are just a few reasons that we believe Dundee Beach has deserved its spot in the TOP TEN.

As we sit on the balcony of our stunning Anglers Choice Beach House we look directly down onto what we call Five Mile Beach, an amazing stretch of coastline that takes you to the iconic Finniss River famous for barramundi fishing and mudcrabs.

Five mile beach is home to the endangered flatback turtle that comes ashore to nest each year generally between June to August. For this reason, it is important to avoid driving on the sand dunes especially during nesting season.

The best time to see the turtles is in the two hour period before and after high tide at night. When going to see the turtles it is best to go with minimal light as too much light will disturb them and may cause them to return to water without laying their eggs.

Dundee Beach Sunsets
Whilst visiting Santorni I heard about the magical sunsets from the clifftop town of Oia, proclaimed to be one of the best places on earth for sunset viewing. I had to check it out and yes it was beautiful, however, a sneaky voice in the back of mind was saying "I wish these people could see what we see at Dundee Beach every single night".

Dundee Beach sunsets need no introduction. Without fail every night mother nature turns on a spectacular display of ever-changing colour and brilliance. As the old saying goes; "It has to be seen to be believed.'

The Tree of Knowledge
Affectionately known as "The Tree of Knowledge" the big beauty leaf tree that towers over the Dundee Beach boat ramp is the meeting place for locals and tourists alike to share a coldie and to watch the many boats return from fishing each day. A very special tree indeed. Cheers to Geraldine for the great pic!

Dundee Beach is a fishing mecca. Where else can you catch a Barramundi, black jewfish and a sailfish in the same day and from the same boat. The variety of species is unbelievable - to rephrase Forrest Gump, fishing at Dundee Beach is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to catch. For more information check out the amazing fishing charter adventures on www.anglerschoice.com.au

Anglers Choice Beach House
Perched on the clifftop at Dundee Beach, the Anglers Choice Beach House is your home away from home and an unmistakeable beacon when seen from the water. The Beach House is purpose built offering the ultimate home base for your fishing charter experience at Dundee Beach. Complete with an in-house Chef, your every dietary need is catered for.

What are you waiting for? Give me a call and lock in your ultimate Northern Territory fishing charter and experience all of the above for yourself!



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