With Sailfish being caught every day this week here are some Sailfish statistics

We are catching PLENTY of small sailfish on our charters this week some this will make for an interesting read.

Sailfish breed all year but predominantly in summer months.
A female may have up to 4.8 million eggs over a 3 spawning period for the year.
By 6 months old they can be up to 1.4 m long.
In 13 years they can be up to 100kg.
They become sexually mature at 2 1/2 years of age.
1 year old male average is 108.53cm
1 year old female average is 113.41cm
2 year old male average is 125cm
2 year old female average is 130cm

http://www.spc.int/DigitalLibrary/Doc/F … _BIO_1.pdf

Thank you to Nomad and Cuddleschooper from FFF.

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