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Ready to tangle with Australia’s most iconic sport fish?

Barramundi are a special fish, a true icon of the Territory. Powerful, explosive and visually spectacular they are a prized catch. The saltwater coastal rivers at Dundee are a fisherman & photographer’s delight. Catch a barra, wrangle a mud crab, see some crocodiles in the wild and marvel at the magnificent bird life. This is the Territory experience at its finest!

Tides and Local Knowledge

Successful barra fishing is all about choosing the right tides. They are the punch clock of the river and dictate the ebb and flow of all life within its banks. When and where barra feed is completely intertwined within this cycle of life. Local knowledge is the key to identifying these feeding windows and with Dundee as our backyard we are well tuned to the tides. 

With rivers, creeks and rock bars to both the North and South of our base we are able to target barra in varied environments over a range of different tides throughout the year.

As a bonus, when the barra bite shuts down our bluewater grounds are just a short run to get the action going again. Barra and bluewater all in the one day

Barramundi fishing is a must do in Darwin. If you have one spare day in Darwin, spend it barramundi fishing with Anglers Choice Fishing Safaris.

Barramundi Fishing Tours Darwin

Saltwater Barramundi Vs Freshwater Barramundi?

Barramundi can survive and thrive in both salt and fresh water. But oils aint oils. At Dundee, we target saltwater barra. For the most part, these are brilliant silver fish with bright yellow tales. They belt lures, fight hard and are far superior when it comes to the culinary stakes.  

Popular Darwin billabongs such as Corroboree Billabong are fresh water and not tidal. These fish tend to develop an unpleasant muddy taste, in contrast to the beautiful white fillets of a saltwater fish. Dundee barra average 60-80cm with the chance of bigger fish always on the cards.
Threadfin Salmon, Black Jew and of course the ever popular Mud Crab are also on the cards when fishing the rivers. While not carrying the reputation of barra, they are always a welcome addition.

Barramundi Fishing Tours Darwin

The Guided Difference

Our guides are experienced, patient and most importantly they are there to help.  

Every element is taken care of, from choosing the correct lures and locations down to the fundamentals of casting.

Experienced anglers and novices alike can take something away from a day or three with the Anglers Choice crew. Passionate nature lovers, they are always quick to point out the local wildlife and are full of quirky facts and tips.  

One day barramundi fishing charters are suitable for the whole family.  

Our friendly fishing guides will offer helpful advice on the fishing techniques to ensure you have a memorable fishing charter.

  • Thank you for an awesome day. It exceeded our expectations.

  • Awesome effort guys. Will leave the missus at home next time.

    Chris Bevan
  • Thanks Em. Had the threadfin for lunch yesterday and it was beautiful.

    Simon Johnson
  • Thank you and your crew for such a fantastic experience at Dundee Beach, Lincoln was fantastic and an asset to your company. Looking forward to bringing a group up later in the year.

    John Mack
  • The best fishing charter ever! Caught my personal best barramundi. The fishing sure is better at Dundee Beach!

    Trudy Salanon
    Dundee Beach
  • Thanks for the great memories! Mum still cant wipe the smile off her face from landing her first ever fish that just happened to be a 91cm barramundi. Loved it!

    Clinton Hicks
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