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You cant beat local knowledge so if you want to catch quality saltwater barramundi, call us now!

A one day barramundi fishing charter offers more than barramundi fishing! On this charter you will see plenty of saltwater crocodiles, birds of prey, jabiru birds and a beautiful coastline.

Book the best fishing tides & catch big fish! Barramundi Fishing Tours Darwin

Book the best fishing tides & catch big fish!

Make sure you telephone and book ahead to you secure the best fishing tides. When planning a trip to Darwin, arrange your fishing charter first especially if you want to target barramundi. 

The tidal movement is extemely important if you want a successful fishing charter. We can reccommend the best tides.

On a one day fishing charter at Dundee Beach, the average size barramundi is between 65cm - 80cm. Not bad for a day fishing charter out of Darwin.

Barramundi fishing is a must do in Darwin. If you have one spare day in Darwin, spend it barramundi fishing with Anglers Choice Fishing Safaris.

Saltwater Barramundi Vs Freshwater Barramundi? Barramundi Fishing Tours Darwin

Saltwater Barramundi Vs Freshwater Barramundi?

Barramundi can survive in both salt and fresh water.  When fishing at Dundee Beach, you will be targeting clean, chrome colored, saltwater barramundi.  Saltwater barramundi are also better fighting fish. They pull harder and make you really work for your catch. 

Popular Darwin billabongs such as Corroboree Billabong are fresh water and not tidal.  The barramundi that you catch when fishing in billabongs will not be ideal for eating as they are often "muddy."

Threadin salmon is another species that you might catch on a one day barramundi fishing charter at Dundee Beach.

If the tides are right, we can also drop some mudcrab pots to pull up at the end of the fishing day.

Helpful and friendly fishing guides

Our guides are experienced and patient and will help novice anglers to learn the techniques used to catch barramundi. They will also provide tips on using overhead reels and talk you through landing your big barramundi. 

One day barramundi fishing charters are suitable for the whole family.

A barramundi fishing charter is more than just a fishing charter. You will see plenty of bird life and saltwater crocdiles with makes this charter ideal for the entire family when visiting Darwin.  

Our friendly fishing guides will offer helpful advice on the fishing techniques to ensure you have a memorable fishing charter.

What does a one day barramundi fishing charter include? Barramundi Fishing Tours Darwin

What does a one day barramundi fishing charter include?

Anglers Choice Fishing Safaris offers the best one day barramundi fishing charter out of Darwin. Our one day barra  fishing charters include:

  • Transfers from Darwin in our cosy mini-bus or 4WD
  • Light air transfers either way are also available
  • A maximum of 4 anglers per boat
  • Quality rods & reels are supplied
  • A beautiful lunch including morning & afternoon tea
  • Light refreshments
  • Your guide will happily clean & fillet your catch.

If you are visiting Darwin and would like to book a one day barramundi fishing charter, please contact us before you arrive in Darwin to make a booking so we can ensure you fish the best possible fishing tides.

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